Hello, beautiful. I’m Heidi.

What a treasure to have you here with me and in this community.

I’m a farm girl at heart, planted in the suburbs of Philly. I live here with my hubby, Mike and my babies, Aubrielle and Jacob. We’re a regular family that does regular things like working and going to school and playing outside. We love the beach and being outdoors. (p.s. – We’re getting our family pictures updated in May so stayed tuned for some pics of me and my babies!!)

I’m a fashion-conscious, oil-using, go with the flow girl that is Type-A about 50% of the time. I think healthy living is the sh*t.  (You guys, I love Jesus, but I cuss a little.) My family and I are have been on a journey over the past couple of years. We’ve learned alot and gotten healthier. We’re going to take a lot about healthy living here on Ashbea 🙂

I love God (both my Mother and Father) but have no room for rules. I like reclaimed wood and lace. Flowers in an old tin can are stunning. Sitting in the dirt is beautifully spiritual. I live outside the box and connect dots where it looks like a dinosaur and a ballerina are inhabiting the same space. Everything belongs.

Life’s ashes are a treasure. They push us to dig deep to find love, beauty and belonging. Whether those ashes are broken health, messy relationships, a house that creates discontent and confusion, injustice or maybe even a big black hole that religion used to fill, Divine Love (that’s what I’ve been calling Jesus these days) is there to help us find a polished gem.

We don’t have to have all the answers, but we can sit in the beautiful mess and learn.

I’m passionate about creating soft spaces and erasing the hard lines. Like the lining of a uterus, rich and soft, nourishing and life giving, it’s imperative we create safe spaces where we can be planted to grow, to flourish, to be nourished and enriched.

Ashbea Collective is an eclectic blend of content. Like an antique store full of hidden treasures, we’ll explore faith, life, interior design, health, social justice and maybe throw in a little dash of spicy humor. Most of all, we’re going to journey to find what we love and learn to love what we find as we unearth all that we are.

Welcome to the Collective!



p.s. – The name Ashbea comes from the phrase “finding beauty in the ashes”. Ashbea.




I Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts!

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