Oh my goodness! Your guys, we survived part I of this series. Roll out the red carpet because girlfriend here was sweating it!! I’m a nurse and I love the science-y part of our bodies, but you know, I love even more how our thoughts, emotions and how we care for ourselves affects the physiology of what’s happening with our bodies.

That’s why the rest of the series is going to be devoted to caring for yourself, your emotions and those closest to you as you experience your monthly cycles.

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I feel I have a “problem” I need to “fix”, I just want a checklist to go through to get myself “better” and be on my way.

In the two blog posts following this one, we will explore self-care and emotional care during our female hormone cycles. But, I don’t want to fall into a “7 Easy Steps to a Perfect Period” mindset. As with all regimens that we try and follow in life, something is going to come up and you’ll fall off the bandwagon. This will lead you to say, “Screw this; it doesn’t work”, and you’ll walk away.

Those cycles of starting and stopping are the wages of a culture who pays us for our addiction to instant gratification with the currency of the inability to sit and just be.

My friends and sisters, gather in closely and quiet your heart. What I’m going to share requires you to be in the present. Our ability to thrive during our monthly hormone cycles lies in being able to slow down and be present with whatever is going on.

When I started on my journey of shifting my focus regarding my hormones, I had to stop fighting what was happening and embrace it. If you can, take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine yourself as a miraculous being, whatever miraculous looks like for you, and just give yourself a big hug. That hug is full of acceptance and love and appreciation. And when you embrace your whole self just as it is, you’re taking the first step to appreciating your hormones and the power they hold.

You know, I think a huge part of embracing something and accepting it for what it is, lies in our perspective of that thing. Read the following dialogue and see if it sounds even remotely familiar:

“Oh my god. I’m exhausted. I have so much to do today; where’s my coffee? Wait, why do my boobs hurt? And who turned the TV up so freaking loud?” *cue the yelling to turn down the TV*  As you go about your day you grow crankier and crankier. At some point it dawns on you that you probably have PMS although you can’t really remember exactly when your last period was. You run around all day, growing more irritated that you are so tired you can’t seem to keep up like you usually do. You are snippy with your significant other and get them pissed off at you. The kids are a hot mess and you yell at them. And then the guilty dialogue starts. You can keep your shit together and then the ultimate self back-stab, “What the hell is wrong with me??” Sprinkled throughout this day were probably some smiles slapped on your face for people whom you didn’t want to see that you were struggling. You know that smile that you can barely get on your face before it falls off again?

Yeah, I know. Me too.

But what if we changed the dialogue? What if we normalized the circular pattern our hormones take every month? What if we stepped back and got fresh perspective? What if we saw the forest instead of the trees?

What if we honored our bodies and the magnificent place they take in the universe? What if, instead of listening to our own dialogue about how awful our periods are and internalizing our families’ comments about how grouchy we are, we took a step back and just let it be what it is?


I want to end by sharing with you another perspective on female-ness and how utterly amazing it is; I’m hoping it inspires some awe and wonder in you too. I am hoping you are able to begin to embrace your monthly cycle. (And please, just because I’m sharing all of this does not mean I fart rainbows during my period. Let’s be real; this is hard stuff.)

Every month or so your body goes through a life and death cycle. Literally. From the time you start puberty to the time you hit menopause your body prepares an entity awaiting fertilization for a new human being to exist. Do you know there’s a 1 in 400 trillion chance of that new, unique life happening? And your body prepares for it, holds it breath in eager anticipation and then has to let go when that explosion of new life doesn’t happen.

Dear ones, do you know, do you understand the energy and inertia required to pull those hormones and organs into alignment every single month? It is no wonder we experience such highs and lows in our emotions, thoughts, energy levels and sexual drive. It is to be expected!

Embrace it, dear one, embrace it. We were made for this.

Until next time, I want to gently encourage you to begin to think about the ways you might sabotage yourself during your monthly cycles.

Then start to form new dialogue in your mind and in your heart. What do you find amazing about yourself? What do you want to honor each month as your body goes through these amazing shifts?

Write it down. Think about it. And we’ll talk next week.

Love and peace to your amazing selves,




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