Well, my friends, here it is. It’s June 1st, 2017.

This is the day that I set on my calendar at the beginning of the year as the day I would {re} launch my blog and write on a regular basis.

And to be perfectly honest, I feel like a little kid hiding under their blankie and not wanting to face the world.

But, today is the day I’m putting my blankie on the floor and doing something that seems really big and scary to me.

It seems like we’re in a season where a lot of us are doing big, scary things and taking charge of our lives. We’re deciding to pursue our dreams and not let anything hold us back, even that pesky fear. I’ve been bearing witness to a lot of it and it’s freaking amazing.

I’ll be perfectly frank. My goal in writing is to gain a very large community of women. I have this big, hairy, audacious lifetime goal of helping as many women as possible (I’m not brave enough to share with you the exact number I have set on my vision board, but someday maybe) discover what they love and find beautiful.

I have this really hard-wired belief that this world doesn’t need more runway perfect bodies or HGTV worthy homes or 7000 more followers on Facebook. What we need is you. We need you, lovely one. Just as you were created and intended to be and so in love with yourself and who you are that you set the world on fire.

I want you to go out and inspire more women to do the same. I want you to grow to the point where you are so alive and so free in your deepest being that you can’t remember the last time you looked in the mirror and didn’t think of yourself as a beautiful badass. And then I want you to dig even deeper. (p.s. – Jen Sincero’s book “You Are a Badass”? Well, you’re welcome.)

And to kick us off in an audacious, what-the-heck is fear anyway, type fashion, Ashbea Collective’s first four blog posts are going to be centered around your period.

If you just sputtered and choked on your coffee, I’m sorry. But yes, that’s what we’re going to talk about. This Sunday, I’m going to launch a four part series on the glorious-ness of the female hormone cycle and what you can do to support yourself and thrive (yes, I said thrive) during that process.

Ok, I’m about to get all preachy and start the series before it’s time because I am THAT excited about it.

So goodnight for now and Welcome, welcome to Ashbea Collective. This is a gathering place for people that want to find beauty in ANY area of their lives where there is anything less than love and beauty.






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