Ah!! I keep having this thing happen where I’m inspired to write but it’s not the “official” re-launch of my blog.

So I’m going to break my own rules again because this was burning on my heart on the way home from work tonight.

I need to tell you something. In the event that life has been beating you down and people haven’t been remembering to tell you with words or actions: You matter.

You. Matter.

I get in these contemplative (p.s. – I totally typed “contimplativey” the first time and auto correct gave me the correct word 😉 ) states and tonight I was pondering what is really at the bottom of all our striving in life? Why do we really do the things we do? Why do we buy the houses we buy? Why do we get big fancy college degrees and big fancy jobs? Why do we drive the cars we drive or fall in love with the people that we do? Why do we pursue religion or follow a set of beliefs that we believe will get us to some type of eternal life? Why do we curate social media pages that support the misconception that we have a perfect life?

The only answer I could come up with that fit across the board was this: We want to know that we matter. We want to know that we are worth something. We want to PROVE to the world, our families, our friends… to ourselves, that we matter.

So, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you that you don’t have to do any of that stuff. I’m putting a line in the sand for you to stop the craziness and tell you once and for all: You Matter.

I see you. Oh, I see you hiding in that corner of your life, not living it to the fullest because you’re waiting for permission to come into the light. You, beautiful soul, come out into the light. Lay aside your fears and your insecurities and your constant need to gain approval from every source except yourself.

Take my  hand. I’m walking with you. Let’s walk into the light together. Let’s face each other and mirror the most important human truth of all: You matter. You. Are. Loved.


I Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts!

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