If someone sang me the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands”, at the end of the first presidential debate, I would have sat stone-still. I wasn’t angry; I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t cursing at the TV. I was sad. So deeply and profoundly sad.

“This isn’t America”, I thought. “These aren’t the sentiments of the people I hold near and dear to my heart.”

One side is fighting, tooth and nail, to retain the patriarchal domination that America was founded on. The other side is fighting for equality of the “others” by playing the political game. It’s two sides of the same coin. Lying, cheating and stealing your way to the top doesn’t bode well for anyone. And both parties have leaders that have done that. And then there’s Gary Johnson who didn’t know what Aleppo was.

Nobody is winning. Can I say that again? Nobody is winning. Because if one American loses out, we all lose out. Power grabs and forcing people to change their way of life by policies and legislation always puts someone on the outside.

I know, some of you will read this and tell me your way is right. And others will know that their way is right. But what about the middle ground?

I agree with some Democratic platforms and I agree with a few Republican platforms. I don’t side one way or the other because no party has all the right answers. I suspect that’s where most of us live; somewhere in that middle ground that has no leader front and center.

So can we cut to the chase?

Make me a promise.

Make me a promise that you and I won’t buy the divisive political cesspool that leaks with toxic fluidity out of social media and our TV screens, polluting our beautiful  minds.

Make me a promise that we won’t push one more person out into the margin for the sake of  being “right”.

Make me a promise that we will start standing up for one another. In the grocery line. On social media. When it’s uncomfortable. When we ourselves are marginalized for the sake of others.

Make me a promise that we will get off our of our judgment ridden couches and walk out our front doors to extend Love so that no one is forgotten.

Make me a promise that you will pay attention to who your local elected officials are. They are the ones who make decisions for your immediate community. And some of them get to vote on how our county turns out at the federal level.

Make me a promise that you will speak up. Speak up for the loved, the unloved, the distant, the near, the beautiful, the ugly. (And speaking of ugly, did you know that the only ugly being is one that has not known it is beautiful?)

Make me a promise that you will take care of and love yourself and your family so that you and your family can love the world.

Dear ones, our country is not our politicians. A mere 100 men and women represent close to 320 million people and make decisions for us day in and day out. The math on that is 1:32,000,000.

We are our country. We are America. The black, the white, the male, the female, the Hispanic, the Asian, the gay, the straight, the oppressed, the one percent. I pray with a fervency I cannot express that we hold one another in the Divine Love that never starts and never stops; it just is.

Make me a promise, America. Make me a promise that we will be that group of generations that came together and rose up as one to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Let us be known as those people that rose up as one voice to say to ourselves and our world, “We choose love.” And let that voice guide every action we take.


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