This is a story of evolution. A story of self-discovery. A story of finally being comfortable in my own skin. I always get a little nervous writing about my own personal experiences because in some way I feel that I’m being narcissistic. I have thoughts like, “I shouldn’t be drawing attention to myself”, or “Why would anyone ever want to hear about me?”

But lately, there’s been this overwhelming sense that I’m here on this plane of existence for a reason. God, the Divine, the Universe; they have a reason for me being here and who am I to deny that?

So my friends, what I want to share with you today is that you too are unique and here for a reason and a purpose. Don’t be afraid of going on a journey of self-discovery. Don’t be afraid to dig deep into the very core of your being and learn who you are.

Every since I was a little girl, I have been driven. I have always had this sense of “I have to DO something.” I’ve always been drawn to the earth and been fascinated with how the earth can grow and bloom plants, trees, food, and wildlife. An easy spiritual discipline for me is to go outside and work in my flower beds; pulling weeds, nurturing little plants to health (yes, I do talk to my plants and they love it) and watching little plants grow into beautiful, life giving things.

I’ve also always had more business ideas than I’ve known what to do with or even care to take on. There are days when I wish I could get outside of my own head because ideas about business, art, writing, design and changing the world just won’t stop.

There was a time in my life when that would frustrate me. There was a time when I would feel that because what interests me doesn’t seem to line up with main-stream culture and help me fit in, that I should abandon it all.

Not anymore.

I have been doing research into my family tree. My paternal lineage originated in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. They were farming people. When they immigrated here in 1840, they landed in New Orleans. From there they migrated up the Mississippi River into Illinois. My great-great grandfather, it turns outs, rented farm land until he could buy his own. Accounts of him show that he was a prolific farmer and an astute businessman. He eventually bought his own farm and started many businesses that ended up being successful. He was a pillar in his community.


Here I am, 175 years later, now settled in the state of Pennsylvania, in a small farming community. Up the street from me is a town that is growing into a thriving center of art and business.

Why does that matter to me? How could all of this possibly matter to you?

Friends, I am realizing that our lives are not a single point in time of existence. I do not fully understand the nature versus nurture impact on all of our lives. I can, however, see how people that are in my physical DNA lineage have impacted who I am today. I can see how the things that set my heart on fire and bring me happiness and fulfillment can be traced back hundreds of years in my family.

And I am ok with that.

Elizabeth Gilbert, whom I believe is my soul-sister, has a saying that goes likes this, “Don’t worry about being original. Just be authentic.” I have been so worried about being original and finding something that makes me amazing and sets me apart from everyone in the world. It’s been a draining and futile process.

I’m coming to the understanding that I need to be authentic; true to what sets me on fire. It’s perfectly ok and wonderful even, that I can see that I’m a melting pot of past, present and future experiences. It’s so deliciously ok if nine million other people before me have been on similar paths and experienced similar things and been interested in the same things that I am; what I bring to the table is part of a larger contribution that will move us all forward into being the living, loving, caring race of humans that we were all intended to be. The same is true for you.

I want to put an invitation out there to you, my friends. If in some way you’re struggling to find yourself or come to terms with who you really are, would you take a moment and just tell yourself that who you are is ok? Would you invite yourself on a journey of discovery? Would you gently speak to the deepest part of your own being and just ask yourself to be at peace with the things you like and don’t like, the things that you want to pursue or need to lay down?

Brene Brown has a blessedly brilliant book, “Daring Greatly“, that I am SLOWLY working my way through due to the intense nature of the self-discovery journey she invites people on. If you need a place to start or some direction, can I recommend this book as a starting place? (Any of Brene’s books are great, actually, you can’t go wrong!!)

So as I start this day, I want to put this invitation out into the universe. If it’s for you, come join the round-table. It’s so good to have you here. It’s a good day for you to be you.


I Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts!

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